Candidate for San Diego Mayor

San Diego Mayor Tobiah Pettus

Tobiah Pettus
"Restoring our Economy"

1. Eliminate waste from budget

2. Restore first impressions of America's Finest City

A. Repair roads
B. Remove litter
C. Re-create opportunities for homeless individuals
D. Replace outdated city equipment
3. Fast and affordable Building Permits
A. Rapidly rebuild San Diego
B. Open to business growth and expansion
4. Maintain our military economic sector

5. Accelerate our High Tech economic sector

6. Fuel international trade

7. Increased economy through tourism

Tobiah's vision for America's Finest City is a city without people living on the streets, where the roads are good, and where there is no litter to be seen. Making this vision for America's Finest City a reality and making it easier for businesses to expand and prosper, will lead us towards economic recovery. San Diego is our city. Together, we will restore America's Finest City.


Tierrasanta Community Council Director
COA (HOA) Board member
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Vice President of Business Development



Education and Family

B.A. - Biology/Chemistry
Graduate School

Wife - Holly (SDUSD Teacher)
Son - Josiah (16 months)

Candidate for San Diego Mayor Tobiah Pettus married my wonderful wife Holly in San Diego!  We had our reception at Tom Ham's Lighthouse and sailed away... :)

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